Friday, February 11, 2005

Pig nosed Turtle???

Just a quick post today.

Yesterday I got called off my shift at work because it was supposed to rain and it wouldn't be that busy...brilliant!

So Jeff and I headed to the Sydney Aquarium. (The International Exchange Program had given each of us free passes at orientation)

The Aquarium is much larger than it appears from the outside. I saw some amazing things in there.
-Moon Jellyfish (Jeff informed me that if he was rich he wouldn't spend his money on expensive cars or anything, but instead would get a huge tank of Moon Jellyfish. When the lights are turned off the tank resembles an amazing living lava lamp) I'm in on that plan
-Pig nosed turtles...poor little things, they really have pig snouts. They are bizarre but amazing at the same time
-The glass tunnel you can walk into where you are surrounded by water and come as close as humanly possible to all sorts of sharks and fish without being in any physical danger
-The crocodile! We sat there staring at him for so long...I wasn't convinced he was even real until I saw his weird eyelid open and scary, but so interesting at the same time...the closest things we have to dinosaurs now...I especially liked the sign that hung above the crock exhibit "Stay back. If the fall doesn't kill you, the crocodile will" The Australians have such a lovely way of putting things don't they?

Since we were hired onto work at this restaurant mid work week/schedule we're not due to work again until the new roster is posted on we're going to hit up the art museum today and then it's off to the beach again tomorrow.

I've been meaning to add little Australia Observations at the end of my entries so I'll start today.

Australian Observations of the Day:

Australians call raisins Sultanas
Australians call green, yellow and red pepper Capsicum

-The other day when I was standing at the end of the pier welcoming people to the restaurant and seating them I saw a guy with crazy hair driving this strange motor-powered bike that he was still peddling...His crazy hair was covered in this strange helmet and he was blasting Van Morrison's Moondance...this would have been enough to make me smile but sitting in the front basket of his strange bike was a tiny dog with crazy hair and a tiny helmet as well!
-At the pool the other day I saw two little kids greet each other...They were both probably about 2 years old. The little girl saw the boy walking into the pool area and she screamed in her adorable little Australian accent, "Thomas! Thomas it's really you!" as she ran up to him and squeezed him as hard as she could.

That's it for now. Thanks again to everyone that's reading and commenting in my blog...I love having a little piece of home waiting for me when I sign onto a computer. How are those international phone cards coming? Keep me updated and let me know if I can help find out if there's any special numbers you have to dial to call into Australia.


Krissy- Jeff tried emailing you pictures to your school email but he got rejected...When you get your computer set up you should get a generic email from yahoo or something so that he can send you some stuff. Also...I love the green purse...I've been using it constantly...and the picture that you gave me sits right by the door and I say goodbye to it every time I leave for the day.

Water Commission Ladies- It was so nice hearing your voices...Penny, no worries, I'll call back again soon. I hope everything is going well, and Cindy, if you could, send me your email again, because I somehow lost it in the move to a different continent (

Mom and Dad- I wish I could call you guys every day, but the funds just won't allow it...get on top of those international phone cards...and like I said before, it absolutely does not matter what time anyone calls...I'll be happy to talk to anyone, anytime.

Anyone give up anything good for Lent?

We gave up TV, except for World News (We want to stay as informed as possible)
We're doing sit ups every night
I'm committing myself to journaling and quiet reflection time for at least 10 minutes each day
And we're looking into doing some volunteering over here

The other day Jeff and I were walking by a travel agency that had a poster up that really stuck with said help out by chilling out in Phuket. I'm not saying we're going to be traveling to Phuket...that's definitely not the case...but we are considering taking a guided tour through the areas of Thailand that were not hit in order to help the country by feeding money back into the economy. It's just a thought people, so don't freak out just yet.

Ok, that's it for now.



At 7:01 AM, Blogger Phil said...

Crap, is it Lent now? I forgot to give something up...oh wait, ok that's what all the dirty foreheads on Wednesday were about, I see. Anyway, the jellyfish sound like a fantastic idea, reminds me of "The Life Aquatic" when all those jellyfish wash up on the beach. And how, exactly, is "Phuket" pronounced? I'm jealous that you get to see new crazy people. The crazies here are just same old same old. Little dog in a helmet, heh heh, BRILLIANT!

At 8:16 AM, Blogger KrissySullivan said...

Chick ~
I'm still looking into the international calling cards. But are you sure you won't get charged when I call you? Please, check that out 'cause I don't want it to be an expense for you. Also, I think we have to 02 before your number...I was reading through some of your Australian books. I just sent you an email that's a tad bit long...tried to give you some gossip. Update on Dawson's: it's over, she picked Pacey! And now we're back to the beginning. Pat thought I'd be done now...silly boy! Jen just moved next door, how could I not watch?
P.S. Please bring me back a little pup with a helmet.
I love you! Krissy

At 8:27 AM, Blogger KrissySullivan said...

Jeff's blog rocks! I love all the links. I did like your link to the restaurant but right now I'm headed to the Botanical Gardens.
Love ya! Krissy

At 9:04 AM, Blogger Jeff said...

Something just changed when I hit the comment button, changed from the last time I left one the other day.

That jellyfish plan sounds great, but you seem to have forgotten that if/when Jeff wins the lottery and gets rich, he's going to be very stingy. Good luck getting all those jellyfish! It'll take ten years!! Hahahaha.

At 9:09 AM, Blogger Amy Boyd said...

Wow… the tunnel sounds very cool. Is it like the tunnel in Jaws 3? How big were the sharks?
So does Jeff work at the restaurant too… I must read again. The restaurant looks beautiful. I love that you’re giving us the word stuff… I always find it interesting. Like WI people calling a water fountain a bubbler?? Phone cards for Australia can be purchased at the post office. We can call you now? What’s your number and address? I want to send you things. Or you can add an international plan on SBC for 12 cents a minute. Giving up TV is a great one.. although not possible. I’m hooked on West Wing & 24. Last night the current one got the lowest ratings ever. I heard it on the radio. Don’t know what’s happening on it.. I’m only on season 2. I gave up Diet Pepsi for lent. It’s so hard. See it all while you’re there… what are the odds another disaster will happen there?? (That was my wedding present to Rob… I donated money in his name to the relief fund.) ok.. have a great weekend! Love you!

At 11:32 AM, Blogger Jack said...

Hi Mary!
Glad to hear you are seeing some crazy animals. I loved the pig-nosed turtle, I bet you thought it was cute and I suppose I probably look like that too:) You do love categorizing me with animals that people try to kill:) Just kidding. The museum sounds amazing though, that is great!
What is your address in that place? Do you have a permanent one? When you get a chance just let me know, no hurry.
Well...I am at work and should get back to that. I just wanted to say hi and see how you are and I am glad to hear things are still going wonderfully.
I think it is great about Phuket and helping out and stuff. I gave what money I could afford.
Oh yeah, lent...once again, I gave up swearing-much to my mother's disappointment. She is upset that I had to give it up two years in a row, oh well:)
Alright, later gator!
Love you Mary!
jacks (:

At 7:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


It is Bird. I also, like Liz am too lazy right now to get a user ID, but want to let you know that I enjoy reading your posts and am so very jealous of you. It sounds like you are having a great time and can't believe all the things that you are doing. Even your job sounds like an adventure. Who would guess that you would end up working at a restaurant like that.

Sorry to say but I again did not give anything up for lent. But I honestly have been praying more than usual and it hasn't been on purpose, it has just kind of happened. But I hope it continues.

I also want to let you know that I had my "dream job" interview this past week. It was with Oscar Mayer to work on Wienermobile for a year traveling the country. I will hear back from them in about 3 weeks.

For now, keep having fun and adventuring. Tell Jeff I say Hi.


At 11:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey mary
this is liz and jack. we wanted to let you know that survivor is starting this thursday and you should pick your person. We are going to have to do it differently this year cuz we are not all here, so go ahead and pick someone. i got wanda, liz has coby, mols i am assuming will have willard, and yeah, that is all i know. simply go to and check it out. alright, and maybe this year...the winner will win something, probably not, but we'll think about it. hope all is ya
jack and lizzie

At 10:35 PM, Anonymous Nick Poche' said...

Okay Boyd, you must be trying to give me a subtle hint. If you think getting a tank full of jelly fish, even if they do glow like lava lamps, is going to keep me away from you and Jeff's home, your abso-friggin-lutely right. That's just wrong. I think you wrote that just to spite me. I think Jeff thought of it because he's jealous we're running off to New Zealand together. (No worries Mr. & Mrs. Boyd, I'm a nice enough guy). I hope both of you never have enough disposable income to purchase glowing terrorizers. In fact, I hope you and Jeff have to share a Honda for the rest of your lives, that way you won't think of getting a BMW because you won't even have a second car, and if the idea of being able to afford a luxury car is just an enigma, then you would never think about buying really expensive (as they should be...and a completely frivolous, if not down-right selfish purchase, what with the insurmoutable affliction of poverty, et al) jelly fish. Whew! Now that I got that off my chest. Sorry for the runo-ons. BTW, aquarium tunnels have been known to fall in on people. =D See you at the beach soon enough! Love ya, mean it!
Peace, Nick

PS Thanks for the shout out!

At 10:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Mary, It's Mom
Krissy got my account all set up, but of course, I forgot my password even when she said, "Are you sure you'll remember it.
I love all of the observations that you are reporting. It makes it all so REAL.
For Lent, I am reading "The Power of the Now". I've just begun it but I believe it will go hand in hand with the centering prayer I have been trying now for a couple of months--- the idea that God is to be found within us in the present moment... more later.
What a great idea to get involved in volunteer work while you are over there. I also like your idea about travel in Thailand. India could probably use some of your money also.
I intend to buy an international calling card today. Love, Mom

At 2:56 PM, Anonymous Jess said...

ok I just made a huge fauxpas...I unwittingly informed my mom that your mom gave consent for India, Tailand, or Vietnam glad I don't live in the house any more (tell your mom to beware)ps- i think you should totally go! See you did it- You got fabulous jobs! You even got Jeff one, whose completely hopeless! I'm jamming out to his "love mix" (in honor of valentine's day)that I assume he put together for Rob and Amy's couples shower . Uh yes, pig snout turtles, we need a ruling on the field...Picture/PostCard necessary in order to believe. Just curious but who would have custody of season 1 and season 2 of WW? no matter - hey Stan watched American Beauty for the first time the other day, and I did not realize that CJ Craig is the abused next-door neighbor wife. Ok last rambling, a funny Stan valentine story. I got him a harmonica, and harmonica holder so he can play guitar at the same time and pretend that he is a folk musician. Yet the fact that the harmonica was in his face constantly was somewhat disturbing to him and therefore ended up running around the apartment claiming that his old head gear was attacking him, as he feebly swatted at the harmonica. See you aren't missing much here. Time much better spent there, but I miss you guys. Even though we didn't see you a ton, I always find myself thinking about you for some reason, or Australia seems to be constantly in the news now. We'll try to call at somepoint!

At 12:22 PM, Anonymous Jay said...

Mary Kay,
i haven't been able to read the blog for the past week, b/c i have been on the cruise, so i decided to do my catching up today. i started at the first one i missed and made my way through to the most recent one (this one). And i cried during each one! i don't know why i am crying (maybe just b/c i am a crier - it's what i do about everything). What's wierd about it is that they are not tears of sadness, not at all. They are wierd tears, i can't explain them... Funny, huh?
It's so funny to me to hear that you get scared - you're Mary Kay!! You went to New York City in grade school b/c you drew a poster to save the world!! You should have a cape!! How could you be scared? There is nothing you can't do, i am pretty well convinced of that.
Each day must be so exciting over there. i mean, you must wake up each day and be like, "What new thing am i going to experience today?" What a cool feeling!
i love reading these blogs. Reading them is similar to my morning commute on the El. Every day, i read my book on the El and every day, i am so mad when my stop comes, b/c i have to stop reading. That's how this is!! i am made when there is no more and i have to stop!!
Keep enjoy your time there - think of us in gray, cold Chicago!!

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