Thursday, November 06, 2003

It has come to my attention that a certain young lady, I am not going to use her full name let's call her Molly P., no, M. Philips, has stumbled upon my journal. Now apparently the perpetrator has been going around quoting lines from my last journal entry to third parties. M. Philips...this is unacceptable and do not think it will go unpunished. You will pay. If any part of my journal is quoted again, be it directly to me or to a third party, rest assured that you will wake up the next morning with no eyebrows. Did you realize that once your eyebrows are shaved off there is only a 33% chance of them growing back? Do you really want to play around with those odds? I didn't think so. Now let me be clear. It is funny and totally acceptable, in my opinion, to read someone else's journal, like a brother's, quote lines and make fun of him. I have nothing against this and I fully encourage such activities. However, my journal is from here on out off limits unless of course you like the no eyebrow look or want to be like one of those old ladies who draws on her eyebrows with an unsteady hand so she constantly looks like a mixture of surprised and angry. It's up to you M. Philips, the ball is in your court. But from here on out I will be carrying a razor with me at all times, just in case the situation presents itself. Thank you all for your time and have a lovely day.



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