Monday, January 03, 2005

I spent all of yesterday getting my music off of my computer, transferring it to data cds, transferring it to Jeff's computer, and then loading it onto my ipod. When I say I, I mean Jeff. He did the most work, although I spent a few solid hours correcting the titles of songs that I had downloaded in college. Sorry, but osframes))??/the{{]revelate.3853]>> isn't going to cut it anymore. So, although I thought downloading from all those sites was a brilliant idea at the time, it definitely came back to bite me in the ass yesterday when I had to correct almost 90% of them.

New Years was a good time. I think I'm much better at the casual night in rather than the all you can drink party. I wouldn't mind a 2:1 ratio from here on out. I can't deny that seeing Jeff that drunk last year was a highlight that led to some wonderful stories.

I really don't have anything else important or entertaining to contribute. Although, some man came in to the office today and told me that a woman was driving downtown around Thanksgiving and she was hit with a frozen turkey that had been chucked through her car window. To top it off the man that had thrown it had purchased the turkey with a stolen credit card. I didn't know quite how to react to the story so I just looked kind of shocked and said it was awful. He said that was the real danger of identity theft and walked out. Strange.

By the way, for those I haven't told, I'm planning on writing a book in Australia. I figure the more people I tell, the more likely I'll stick to it and get it finished. Same tactic I used for my eyebrow piercing my senior year of high school...hopefully this will have a better outcome



At 6:29 AM, Blogger DADA said...

Sunday morning - just finished the Tribune - checked your Blog and saw that you went to Bondi Beach - Looked it up and the book says that Bondi Beach is the best Sydney has to offer - Something about ocean beaches and water - Your talking about N.C. took me back to all the great times we shared - We need to do another 2 weeks in N.C. - next summer - Big house and the family - Our grand baby needs to learn early to love the ocean.

What a kick answering my cell phone and I hear DADA - I started to cry in the restaurant and I also started to scream into the phone - You are so far away that I needed to increase the volume to make sure you heard me - What a nut I am some time - Jeff told me he would post an update on the living accomadations - no need to rush you want to get it right - This Blog is so nice all the famuily can keep conected and post back to you -

Love you lots - give the big guy a big hug from us



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