Sunday, March 02, 2003

Twice now I have tried to make an entry and then my computer has fucked up and I've lost them both. I suppose I shouldn't complain though. The computer getting all screwed up last night saved me from publishing my first drunk journal entry that would have done nothing but cause drama no doubt. I did end up logging back in and leaving a drunk entry anyway, but I believe it was my frustration that kept me from expanding on whatever I was thinking about. I need to be careful that I stay away from journaling while intoxicated, I have far too many secrets that I don't want any of you to discover just yet.

Today though, when I was sober and trying to make an entry and I lost everything, I just got really really angry. I had included a lovely little description of the techno/remix of the song Kiss the Girl from the Disney movie The Little Mermaid. It makes me laugh every single time I hear it. I've always loved the song, I don't care if you think I'm ridiculous, but this new version is excellent as well. I love when a new memory can build something over an old memory- it's not as though you lose that old memory forever, it's just nice when you hear a song and that old memory is no longer the first thing that springs to mind. And now that nobody has any idea what I'm talking about...subject change

I went to the state wrestling championship tonight. I had only been to one wrestling meet before tonight. It was in high school and I was going to be supportive of my friend Nick who was one of the top wrestlers. The whole thing was really violent and intense, with some guy actually being taken off the mat on a stretcher and rushed to a hospital. So I was a bit wary of tonight. Turned out to be really fun and interesting though. I got into it really fast, which of course has nothing to do with my competitive nature. Brian, Jackie's cousin ended up winning 1st place in his weight class (I don't know what the proper term is) which for any of you interested is 103 lbs. A huge portion of Jackie's family turned out and it was amazing to see them all cheering him on and crying when he had won. I think one of the reasons I love spening time with Jackie's family is because it feels like home. I see so many similarities between our two families and it is so rare to feel that safety and comfort around anyone other than your own family. It was a great time.

I have so much work to do in the next two weeks. Tonight I discovered that my take-home midterm for my womens studies class is due this Thursday. I was under the impression it was due next Thursday. This means the next four days are going to be hectic, trying to get that finished

HA, MY COMPUTER JUST FUCKED UP AGAIN, BUT I'VE BEEN SAVING NOW AND THEN TO MAKE SURE I DIDN'T GET FUCKED OVER AGAIN. I suppose the real question I should be asking is why the hell does my computer get fucked up all the time? (Fizzgig, do you know? You've always had such good luck and fortune with your computer, perhaps you could help me with mine)

Anyway, it's going to be a busy next few days. But I suppose I shouldn't bitch. I worry about school honestly about four weeks out of the school year, and this happens to be one of those weeks. But after all this crap is finished I'll be able to do nothing all spring break but sit around, relax, and not go to the Hinsdale movie theatre.

Here's a little story. I wear a purple rubberband around my wrist. I've been wearing it pretty damn consistently now since winter break. I actually used to wear them all the time in high school until some girls that I hated started doing it so I quit.Anyway, I do have a point to this story. Well, since cleaning my room over break and running across an old rubberband and putting it back in its rightful place, I have since grown quite attached to said rubberband. It's very stretched out now and it slowly gets pushed farther and farther up my arm. I could quite likely be wearing it on my bicep by the end of the year. Good lord, I do have a real story with this. So, the other night Jack and I get back from working out and I go to my room and I'm about to get in the shower so I take off my clothes and I can feel the rubberband being pulled off with one of my many layers. I think, no big deal, I'll just fish it out of my clothes after my shower. But you see, I can't wait till after my shower, I feel weird with it not on my wrist now so I begin to shake my clothes out to find it. I can't find it. It's not in my t-shirt, my long sleeve shirt, my sweatshirt, it's nowhere. I start getting a little nervous, realizing that it could have flung anywhere in my room and it just so happens that my floor is covered in clothes (folded neatly, still not unpacked from when I did laundry last week) and it will take me quite some time to locate my precious rubberband. Well, instead of jumping in the shower and worrying about it later I searched the floor of my room very carefully (probably for a good 20 minutes) until I finally found the rubberband and placed it back on my wrist. This story really sucks, but I guess I was just trying to convey how much I love my rubberband. (The rubberbands usually come off bundles of asparagus if you're interested)

Ok, I'm done.



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