Friday, February 28, 2003

I keep telling myself that tonight will be the night when I go to bed early. But alas, night after night I find myself up at four in the morning with just a few more things that I want to get done before I go to bed. So here I am again. But after I do this I really am going to sleep. Sorry it's been a few days since my last entry, I've just been kinda busy. My parents came up on Wednesday. It was hard but it was good, take that for what it is because I'm not going to say any more.

My room is a mess, and my room usually reflects my state of mind, so needless to say I'm a little stressed, and a little scattered. I still haven't put away my clothes from when I did laundry on Monday night with Lizzie (or should I say Fizzgig). Which by the way was an experience in itself. I think I could spend my entire day at a laundrymat just people-watching, as long as I had a book that I could pretend to be reading. This mother and her children, well I'm not even going to get into it but let me just say that it made me think twice about squeezing out a few.

I have a lame weekend ahead of me. The campus will be packed with high schoolers for the next few days due to the state wrestling competition, and I will be spending my time researching in the library for my comparative political culture class. I'm excited about the paper, it's just always a bit daunting in the beginning process of a research paper. And as many of you know, I am not one that frequents the libraries on campus so this weekend should be a real treat. I wish that I could be sitting in some bar tomorrow night, slowly sipping chocolate martinis with Pat, but instead I'll be pouring over articles about political music in Ireland no doubt. Oh well, there's always spring break for that.

Jackie's family is coming down for the competition so I look forward to spending some quality time with her parents in between my jaunts to the library. I absolutely love them. My favorite memory of this last summer involved sitting around a campfire with them, drinking very very late into the night, joking around with Jackie's Dad and eating homemade drunk food made and served by Jackie's Mom. They're more than good people, they're the best that's out there. I'll never forget my introduction to Mr. DePeau. I was floating in Jackie's pool with my eyes closed trying to get a well-needed tan. I had untied the top of my suit so as to avoid tan lines. Out of nowhere I am getting douched with ice cold water. I sit up and grab my top at the same time so as not to fall out and flash everyone. When I can finally open my eyes I see Mr. DePeau standing on the outside of the pool and he says, "Welcome to the country Chicago." That moment just about sums up all that I love about that man.

After working out I spent a majority of the evening discussing penises with Steph and Jackie. Well and about guys in general. Our conclusions: It's not fucking fair. It sucks to be a girl, it's so much easier to be a guy, you guys sweat out big macs while you sleep etc. After that I went into a group chat with Jeff and Jeff, something I haven't done in years. It was often times confusing, especially since they have the same name and I certainly can't use the nicknames I came up with the distinguish them from one another while online with them can I Jack? Anyway, it's late and I'm actually starting to get tired. This entry sucked, I'm well aware but I've gone too many days without journaling and I think when I do that too much shit slips my mind. If I make a point to journal every day then I tend to pay closer attention to things throughout my day and commit them to whatever sliver of memory I have left.

Any last minute thoughts? Oh yeah, I got a sweet ass pair of Birkenstocks and a great new sweatshirt while my parents were up the other day- one of the many perks of parental visitation. Oh my God and I forgot to mention that Bessie (my car, the blazer) is going to be ok! They decided that she's not quite ready for the slaughter house. This is great news because for a while we weren't sure whether or not she was going to be scrapped, I guess the damage totaled somewhere around $4900. So I am very happy to know that I can pick her up when I'm home for spring break and bring her back to her cozy little underground parking spot. Anything else? Oh yeah, I don't know who warned me the other day, whether it was Pat or it was Brian. Whoever it was, watch your back, cause if either of you pulls that shit again you're done. Oh, and I've decided to become pen pals with Mr. Grand, it should be an exciting endeavor.

Shit I gotta be up in like three hours so I'm gonna wrap this up (no lectures please about my lack of sleep). A quote from the song I'm listening to at this precise moment..."Look where all this talking got us baby" White Discussion, another amazing song by Live. All right, I'm out and I think it's invevitable that I am going to have a dream about piggy back rides, I tend to dream about prevalent themes of my day and believe it or not that was one of them.


PS- I remembered one more thing. Way to give Mom and Dad this web address Julie, after I specifically told you not to. When they asked why they weren't allowed to look at it I said that it wasn't like there's anything in here that I don't want them to read, it's just that I'm afraid I might censor myself if I know they're going to be reading it, and I don't want to have to do that. My mother's response, "Well know that I have the address and could look at it whenever I want to and I guess censor yourself accordingly." Of course she was kidding, but then I realized where I tend to get that snoopy streak of mine, breaking into other people's email etc., which makes me wonder whether she'll stay away or sneak a peak. Anyway, thanks Jules, for making it possible.


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