Friday, February 21, 2003

I believe it's close to 4 am, although my clock on my computer which is perpetually wrong tells me it's still early- only 1:09 am. It's one of those nights where I knew around 9 pm that I would not being going to sleep the entire night. It's strange how it happens like that. I can just feel it, around that time, that there's just no way I'll be laying my head down that night. Anyway, no big deal, who needs sleep anyway. Actually most people probably think it's strange just how little I sleep. Ted actually asked me the other day if I sleep on average more than 8-10 hours a week. I laughed and said of course, but then i figured it out, and it's probably within the 20-30 hour range. For as long as I can remember though I've never gotten a lot of sleep.

I love Thursday nights, but not for the same reason most people enjoy them. I love that the Shell is open until one am every thursday night and I love that most people go and hit the bars on this night rather than go and work out. So, when we go around 11 pm it's usually pretty deserted. I like not having a lot of people and distractions when I work out. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for people watching, just not really when I work out. I'd rather just fall into the rhythm of my music and escape for a while. It was a bit of a scary walk home a little past twelve, we have a stalker/mugger roaming the streets. We got back into the apartments and everyone was complaining about the loud noise from the train gates that apparently has been going off since like 9 tonight. I hadn't even noticed, in fact when I strained to hear them it just reminded me of home, I'm close to the tracks for those that don't know. But I think they've finally stopped.

We sat around and argued a bit about Survivor, something we love to do. Here's a gripe I have with the whole male vs. female competition this season: I'm all for a battle of the sexes, but last week just pissed me off. The men get sent to tribal council to vote someone off, they went in with a fucking cocky attitude and they lost big because they can't balance worth shit, but were they talking about strategy or anything like that? Nope. They were talking about which girl on the women's team was the hottest. What the hell is that about? It's like you get a group of men together and suddenly it has to turn into a damn locker room where they all talk about who they'd like to "bang"? I think it sucked.

This weekend I need to catch up on a lot of reading and figure out what the hell I'm going to write about for my comparative politics paper. Sometimes I long for the day when a normal question in every day conversation isn't, "So are you going to drink tonight?" Maybe it's just the Snowball side of me coming out but it's really not a question that I sit pondering about during class all day long. Granted some people may consider some of the questions that do flow through my head completely bizarre, but whatever.

Anyway, rather than go on forever on this thing I think I'll go read a book for a while. Only a few hours till I have to get up and watch the news anyway. Jesus I use the word anyway a lot.

-Mary (The first time I signed this I debated signing Jo. I always wanted it for a nickname so when I came to college I was determined to have people address me as such. I actually told people that my middle name was Josephine but "everyone just calls me Jo". What a fucking weird ass I was. It didn't stick obviously, because after about a day I confessed to most people that I had made it up. But there is this one kid Summit that still uses it with me. I met him at the beginning of my freshmen year, and I actually woke up one time, having passed out with my face on the toilet in the guy's bathroom, to him yelling, "Jo, are you ok?" and helping to pick me up. Ah, memories from freshmen year. Anyway, I reconsidered on signing it Jo, because it never was who I am, nor will it ever be.


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