Saturday, February 22, 2003

I have no idea what time it is, but I do know that about a half hour ago I heard a knock on my bedroom door. It was Ted and he was brushing his teeth and while doing so he explained that he was not really drunk, but he just was brushing his teeth and had finally built up enough courage to ask me something that he'd wanted to ask for a long time. Now for those of you who do not know Ted, let me just explain that he is unlike any other individual you will ever run across on this earth. Ted is his own unique person and I love him for it, but when Ted tells me he has a question that he's been longing to ask me for some time I undoubtedly become a bit nervous.

Ted went on to explain to me that he has admired the small of my back for some time now and he was just as to whether or not I would let him rub it a bit. He went on to explain that it would in no way be sexual, he just really liked the small of my back and was finally ready to say something about it. So after offering up his proposition Ted said he would finish up brushing his teeth and return shortly for my answer. Well, never being one to pass up a free massage, and also knowing it would be completely innocent I gladly accepted his proposal.

So, while Ted gave the small of my back a bit of a massage (which by the way was NOT a body part that I thought any guys paid any attention to), we discussed many things. We talked about whether or not there are different levels of romantic love, whether we believe in love at first sight, when we want to get married, his confession to a girl tonight, and my issues resulting from a visit to U of I last weekend. A win-win situation, Ted fulfilled whatever desire he had to touch the small of my back, I got a massage, and we both had a really interesting conversation about our differing perspectives of love and such. Afterwards he hugged me, thanked me and said goodnight, and turned around on his way up the stairs and said, "Maybe again sometime?" And I just laughed as I closed my door saying, "Goodnight Ted." The whole thing makes me laugh now when I think of it.

I heard The Remedy by Jason Mraz for the first time on the radio tonight as we drove to TCBY. I always love that feeling, when I've been listening to an artist for a while before one of their songs finally hits the radio stations. It's just this feeling of familiarity, not even that though. It feels like since I was listening before they made it to the radio I understand and can appreciate what it means for a single of theirs to finally get some air time, more than just an average person hearing the song for the first time. It's probably one of the times when I feel closest to an artist, negating any concert experience of course. Anyway, it's shortlived because then I get pissed off once the group or artist gets overplayed. When everyone knows their name and is singing the lyrics to their song, the closeness that I once felt with them is immediately ripped away and I usually walk away muttering something along the lines of, "Yeah, I liked this six months ago damn it!"

All right, although I had more to add I'll have to end this now. A conversation has grown a bit more intense and deserves absolutely all of my attention so I'm going to have to say goonight.



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