Saturday, June 11, 2005

This Just In...Thai Massages Are Bizarre

This is going to have to be done in installments over the next few weeks...there's simply too much to write all at once. But for now, here's an excerpt from my journal. It's an entry about the very beginning of our trip.

I've heard Jeff talk about travelling for so long now- and when we went to Australia it was wonderful and new, but it didn't feel the same.

Something was missing and I was afraid to admit it.

Maybe I wasn't as keen on travelling as he was.

I liked it, but never felt the passion for it that I could see in him when he talked about his trips.
Sunday we board the overnight train heading north to Chiang Mai. Quite a bit uncomfortable with our group of twelve and our leader Yao. We only met yesterday.

We chat politely, read books, listen to music...
Until Yao convinces us to go to the car of the train called the Discoteque.

The rest of the night is a blur
And not just from all the Chang Elephant Beer we were drinking.

The music, the windows wide open, the Christmas lights strung, the collection of strangers and the ungraspable knowledge that we're travelling quickly through a place most people have never seen.

"What would you do if you got kicked off the train right....Here?"

We sit and strike up conversation with other travellers...
By tomorrow they'll be out of our lives, but tonight we share stories, laugh like hell and discuss the future.

I get it now.

I feel it - what Jeff always tried to explain but came up short.
Not for lack of trying, it's just not possible.

Only the handful of people in that tiny traincar know what that night meant.

I try to sleep, but can't.

The anticipation of more nights to come keeps my mind racing.

And I thought I was more of a homebody...looks like I've been bit by the bug.

Jeff put up some amazing pictures from our days in Bangkok and then our Hilltribe Trek Trip...those should keep people busy until I can get to an internet cafe and post again.

A quick shout out to my dear Pattikins

Happy Birthday Pattikins!
When I get back to the states we'll have to treat ourselves to a night of chocolate martinis

I miss my friend so much
The one that always ends every conversation with, "Be good."
How quickly you've become one of my most trusted confidantes
The person I bounce things off of and yearn to make proud of me

What a blessing to feel so loved and protected by you
You were the daily reminder from home
The reassurance that everything would work itself out, and if it didn't, you'd be there for me

"If that ever happens to you, you make one phonecall... to me, and I'll take care of everything."

Have a wonderful birthday Pat, you deserve nothing less

Soon I'll be home to share in the gossip and laugh along with you.

Love Always,


At 12:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow, wow, wow!! I don't know what else to say. every picture we went through, was a wow! except for the one of Jeff kissing his drink of choice for the night. That got a big laugh. I'd like 100 more pictures!! continue to have a great time and enjoy, glad you got the bug!!
All my love, Amy

At 6:44 AM, Anonymous Jay said...

Oh my goodness Mary Kay! i thought reading your words was moving... and it is. But these pictures truly capture what you are doing out there. You are doing things that others of us only read about or see in pictures (now in your pictures!). i am sure i don't need to tell you to have fun - looks like you are! You have a HUGE grin in EVERY picture! i can't wait to hear about that elephant ride - that's my favorite animal!!
Love you, Love, Jay

At 7:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mary- Thanks for the shout out and the call on Saturday morning. It was great to hear your voice as well as Jeff's, bright and early Saturday morning. Looking very foward for your arrival home I might not make it to the airport but if your sister is about to pop I will be driving her to get you guys. I can't say enough about how lucky I am to be married to your sister and to be a part of your family. I miss you and can't wait to stay up late with you to catch up. You don't need to try to make me proud of you, I thank the stars everytime fleetwm13 pops up on my screen at work not because I'm bored but because my little sister wants to chat to me. Love always Pat Be good ....Be safe...

At 7:31 AM, Blogger Jeff said...

Is a Thai massage as odd as a "Chicago" massage?


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