Monday, June 20, 2005

Notes from Dotes

In the outback the past few days
And the next two days we'll be camping out at cattle ranches.

But before continuing with the travelogue, I need to tell you about my father.

Not there this year for Father's Day or his birthday has left me missing him terribly.

As I stared out the window of the bus for hours, I tried to come up with one statement that I think best describes him.

Somewhere around hour 5, I settled on it.

My father enhances.

It's as simple as that.



To know Benjamin Boyd is to be reminded of how magical our time is on this Earth.

The food, oh the food tastes so much better

As he stands over you, waiting for your reaction to his latest creation...wanting, needing to know that what he's made makes you happy

He lives to make you happy

Sometime, when everyone else was told to get in line and pick up their standard negative attitude to take along the journey with them, my father veered off the path.

So far off the path he missed the entire lesson.

He doesn't understand why people hide what they're feeling.

What do you mean I'm not supposed to tell someone I love them every single time it crosses my mind, even if that means a 15 second phone conversation?

He keeps it simple.

He loves you, he tells you.

He appreciates you, he tells you.

He never misses a moment to make someone else feel like they're meant to be alive.

We all have an incredibly important and powerful purpose when he's around.

I cannot stress this enough.

He makes us feel as though we are truly meant to be here.

In a world where you are told you are replaceable, you are ordinary, you are part of the general masses, my father forces you to recognize the influence that you can have over other people's lives, if by no other way than through his own example.

The music, the loudest claps I've ever heard, the way he cranks up a song that he likes, the slow sways to the music, the man commands a dance floor

And his quiet whistle that I can pick out from hundreds of feet is his own song and when the notes hit my ears I instantly feel safe

Our best stories involve him

He is our muse
He makes things happen
And people instantly connect with him because he's genuine
There is nothing to hide, why waste the time?

Precious time.

Time to gather us around and tell a story.
And when his eyes connect with yours, you are there with him
As he sets the scene and builds to the climax, you want to be a part of all his stories

You yearn to have him speak about you.
Because you hear how he talks about those he loves.

His pride is captivating and contagious
You need him to be proud of you

The sights, that Opera House looked 100 times more beautiful as I stood beside my father.

His discerning eyes...he makes you notice, he makes you appreciate, he never lets you forget the little miracles

He is a cartoon
A collection of all the things we're too afraid to show

But not my father

Crowd around, try to get closer
Because upon meeting him you intrinsically know

And you become part of it
This enormous group that is blessed enough to know what the man is all about

The statement always the same, "Your dad, he's....he's..."

I know.

Welcome to the club.

Happy Fathers Day/Birthday Dad, I love you so much.


At 6:29 AM, Blogger Amy Boyd said...

Your phone comments about your dad made me smile.... I was at Disneyland with you & Krissy the first time dad called me on my cell phone and asked me how things we're going and then said "love ya", & hung up. maybe a 50 second phone call. I ran over to Rob and was all rattled, "should I have handed you the phone, one of your sisters, I'm confused, did I say something wrong?" Rob laughed and said that's my dad, that's what he does. I get it now...
I went through the the pictures Jeff posted from the outback... amazing! I love the red rock glow, it's beautiful! I really wish you guys could put a little voice over each picture, tell me exactly what I'm looking at.
Rob had a great first fathers day! The museum was very well done.

At 8:32 PM, Blogger KrissySullivan said...

Dad started to get a little crabby right before you called. I told him that you would call if it was at all humanly possible...and you did. His face lit up when the phone rang. He continued to beam the rest of the evening. It was a record, dad came over at 1:30 and stayed til alomst 8:00!!!! We had a great time but missed you very much. I gave you the wrong email. It's This technology stuff is really rough!!Love you-Krissy

At 8:18 PM, Anonymous Missy said...

Mary, im glad to hear all about the trip and how much fun you are having. sounds like a life changing experience. now i remember at one of our dinners (which i miss so much) when i asked you what you were gonna do for a job, you mentioned writing a book. The thought seemed a little random for me but hell after reading all these blogs...let me tell you... one book will not be enough...your readers are definitely gonna want more! you have an amazing way with words. reading your blogs makes me feel like i am right there with you! you have described your dad perfectly! he is an amazing man! and he has raised an amazing daughter. you always have the best outlook i things. i miss you so much! as i am getting closer to this college thing i am getting more and more nervous...and you always seemed to be the one who would calm me down and convince me that no matter what happens everything will work out for the best. thank you for all the support you have given me with this college decision! i really appreciate it! i love you so much emmie! keep up the good work and enjoy yourselves!
love, Missy

At 7:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


What a fantastic letter - I had posted a responce the first day but it does not look like it went through - I must have errored in the sending -

I really needed your letter - Working way to hard and it never seems to make a difference in the amount I have left to do - like our old hamster running on the wheel - But then again work really is not that important - what is important is family - wife and children - Your letter brought all that back to me - I love and miss you - getting close to one month away from your re-entry - I can feel the enjoyment through your postings -

Love Your DADA


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