Wednesday, March 05, 2003

I need to get to bed early because I have a big day ahead of me tomorrow. But I just had to share this story because I thought it was pretty funny.

This afternoon I put a call into Krissy because I wanted to know if she had heard if Rob was home yet and if he had gotten married while in Vegas a few days earlier. It's been weighing heavily on my mind lately. Anyway, I call at around 5:30 pm to try and get her after she gets back from school. The phone rings for a while and then finally someone picks up. It's Pat, and he sounds kinda out of breath. I guess he says hello but I can't hear him the first time because there is music pumping really loud in the background. I finally make out his hello and I yell over the loud music, asking what's going on. I say that I didn't expect him to be home, I figured him and Brian would be out with a bunch of other guys from work at the happy hour of some bar. He proceeds to tell me that him and Brian like to come to the apartment after work, blast the latest Justin Timberlake single that has made the Top 40 chart that week, try and learn all the words and see if the video is playing on TRL so they can learn the dance moves too. He informs me that that is the reason he's out of breath, they just can't seem to nail Justin's new steps and it's really bothering them. I hear Brian yell something in the background and I ask Pat what he said. Pat tells me that Brian is reminding him that he promised to teach him the air guitar part in Enrique Iglesias' song If the World Crashes Down before he had to go home that night. With that Pat tells me that he'd love to talk some more, but this is really important to them, and it's the only way both him and Brian can "unwind" after a long hard day of work. And before he hangs up I hear him yell quickly to Brian, "No fucking way Brian, you wore the clip on diamond earring last time!"

Well the whole thing just kind of made me laugh and I knew I had to share it with the world. I haven't been able to talk to them much online in the past few days because they've both been really busy, something about a "war" that they're fighting "behind enemy lines" so I was really happy I got to talk to them for the short amount of time that I did. Hey, whatever helps you guys relax at the end of the day is fine by me, I bet it's hard when you're constantly fighting a LOSING battle. Keep your heads up.

-Mary (This is tame boys, it could get a whole hell of a lot worse, think about it, and make the call, truce this shit up before too much damage is done)


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