Sunday, March 09, 2003

It's almost 1 am and I finally got the inspiration I needed for my paper that's due tomorrow at 4 pm. I have been researching all night but struggling to bring it all together and really settle on a grounding thesis. I sat for awhile and just thought about music, politics, Ireland and the United States and then BAM it hit me. probably assume that now I am going to furiously work on it through the night and hopefully have it finished by sunrise. That is where you are wrong. I think I'm going to type the intro and then go to sleep. I'll have plenty of time to finish tomorrow. I love to procrastinate and it's a really good thing that I'm not a worrier when it comes to school work and getting it done. I know this paper will get finished, no worries. And now that I know what I'm doing, I'm set.

So this weekend...I'll hit the high points

-I was offered a job at TCBY (I love the owner, he is the cutest and he actually said he'd hire me on the spot and claimed that I was "too good to be true!" How fun is that?) I have to go in this week to fill out the paper work. I'd only be working Fridays which would be sweet because I never do anything during the day anyways...and come on, it's TCBY, it doesn't get any better than that

-I finally saw Bowling for Columbine...I know, I know, seeing it now means I fall into the group of people who see it because it's the "cool" thing to do, but I guess that just illustrates how uncool I am. It was amazing, to say the least, and I can't wait to see it again, perhaps this time without my German professor there to scare the crap out of me

-Wednesday night's entry, you know the crazy one, yielded many concerned ims and phone conversations about my lack of sleep and need for some sort of stable sleeping patterns. Thank you to all parties concerned but the entry had nothing to do with the amount of sleep I've been getting. It had a lot more to do with the crazy stuff that was floating around in my head..but rest assured I am feeling a lot better about everything...this was a big weekend for me...the academic part may have fallen by the wayside, but emotionally I triumphed. All I have to say is that I think I'm going to get a great night sleep tonight and I'm starting to really reap the benefits of my lenten resolution to stop avoiding things out of fear- it feels good to jump in without worrying about a dry change of clothing.

-I had an amazing weekend with Jeff Philips who came to visit- music, movies, and lots of was exactly how it should have been, except perhaps for the lack of heat in Qdoba and the vocal stylings of someone earlier this afternoon that seemed to grab everyone's attention. I was left with no sneezes and no cellphone charger, but I feel comforted by the cow bone that rests around my neck.

I'm probably going to skip doing my intro tonight, and head straight for bed



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